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  • 3 Key Qualities to Look for in a Swiss Watch

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    It's no secret that Switzerland has become entwined with the most prestigious watch brands in the world. Their reverence for luxury watches is so interconnected, the mere mention of "Swiss" on the watch is associated with quality to the buyer without a second thought. Counterfeit dealers, unfortunately, have caught onto this, and their content targets often settle for the forged versions at their suspiciously low prices. Real Swiss made watches, however, last from generation to generation. Here's how the shrewd shopper can identify genuine Swiss watches below.

    Quality #1: Is the Watch Made in Switzerland?

    The question seems obvious, but it's more complicated than otherwise thought. A number of rules and regulations established by the Swiss government determine when a watch can state it's made in Switzerland and when it cannot. A truly Swiss watch, such as Ulysse Nardin , must have at least 50% of its parts made in Switzerland. Otherwise, the watch is considered to be outsourced.

    Quality #2: Genuine Swiss Movement

    Was the watch engineered with ETA movement or COSC movement? These Switzerland-based high standards are the hallmark of true Swiss craftsmanship. Other genuine Swiss companies, such as Patek Philippe, calibrate their watches with their own in-house movements, and their watches are highly sought after. All these examples will have the words "Swiss Made" engraved at six o'clock on the watch face. This engraving is not to be confused by the words "Swiss Movt," which means that the imitated movement was built into the watch at another country such as China or Japan. Discount department stores often sell "Swiss Movt" watches.

    Quality #3: Fake vs. Real

    Oftentimes it takes a well-trained eye for an individual to spot a phony from the real deal by the exterior of a watch alone, but there are a few other aspects to consider. A genuine Swiss watch will have weight to it for one thing, and not feel like a trinket when you're wearing it. Also, check for the validity of the metals. Is the watch made from genuine stainless steel, fine silver, and gold like this Rolex watch? Real metal composition makes a difference in spotting true Swiss watches from the fake ones.

    Shopping for a Swiss Watch

    It's beneficial to get a professional to determine whether a Swiss watch is indeed genuine, but thankfully there are a few measures you can take. With patience, persistence, and a little background on the brand's company history, you'll become your own 'professional' as you become accustomed to determining the “real McCoy” that you come to expect in the longevity and craftsmanship of a true Swiss luxury watch.

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  • Escape the "Norm" and Get a Rare Stylish Watch No One Has

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    Rolex, Omega, Adermars Piquet. Sure, these watch brand names have gotten their fair share of attention throughout the decades. But what if there was more beyond the top “names” in watchmaking? Are there other options outside the horizon?

    Well, of course there are! You just have to know where to look. We'll introduce to you three brands that might not be as well-known, but hold all the same qualities of luxury watch craftsmanship you've come to expect from great Swiss watchmakers. Let's take a look at them below.

    A. Lange and Sohne Watches

      These revered watchmakers have been perfecting their craft for more than two centuries in the Old World European heritage. The company has also pioneered a number of innovations in the watch industry - particularly in the 1800's - and has no signs of stopping soon. One can see the trademark craftsmanship behind each A. Lange and Sohne piece, like this beautiful crocodile skin wristband A. Lange and Sohne Lange 1 watch design. The simple yet bold face emits a certain distinguished air to both the wearer and the observer who gazes upon the timeless piece of remarkable beauty.


      The key to Cartier's offering of stunning luxury watches is in their simplicity. Notice their tight focus on detail in the intricate watch designs. They're also a good option for those who prefer smaller faces over larger ones and still want to be up to date with today's trends. Cartier is also known for their quality metal finishes and gold plating, such as their Cartier Must 21 Two Tone watch piece. You can never go wrong with Cartier.

      Graham Watches

      Known for their exceptional craftsmanship since 1695, Graham carries a look that's uniquely all their own in their watches. Each piece is a fashion statement in themselves and facilitates a flavor that satisfies the inner adventurer of every individual. Notice the memorable chronograph and calendar at the 3 o'clock position in this Graham Swordfish Grillo Silver Dial timepiece, for example. The durable rubber wristband offers a rugged but manly feel to the piece - not a bad styling option at all for those who wish to show off their strength.

      Which watch brand will you lean towards for your next stylish Swiss watch? All of them are fair game and provide an exciting element to the typical repertoire of the watch collector. For more information about unconventional watch brands, individuals can contact Watchfinder today and learn more. Time to try something new! What are you waiting for?

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    1. These Brands Have the Perfect Summer Watch for Your Next Party

      Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

      As the temperature heats up, so do watch summer styles - and the opportunity to impress those you know with a new timepiece in your repertoire. These watches are excellent conversation starters and complement well with this year's summer wardrobe colors. We'll share with you what's trending now in the world of watches (featuring brands like Omega, Corum & Tudor) showcasing pieces that are both hitting the catwalks and carrying a status of their own that seems to transcend time itself. Let's get started, shall we?


      Elegant with a legendary status of their own, these formal watches are built to withstand the scrutiny of a black tie affair and carry an unearthly weight all their own.

      • Corum Admiral's Cup GMT Stainless Steel watch - This classic beauty bears a rich ebony black wristband that adds just the right texture against a black tie suit. It also looks sharp for those who prefer smaller-sized faces.
      • Omega Speedmaster Legende watch - Legend has it that the watches from this brand have been worn by James Bond himself! A piece that performs as impressive as it looks with a calendar and chronograph. Bold enough to compliment formal attire…and be worn by “007” in a variety of settings.
      • Tudor Prince Oysterdale watch - High-quality stainless steel with plated gold matches a variety of skin tones. An ideal style choice for longevity, too. Also complements black, grey, and white suits for the summertime.

      Business Casual

      Great summer style definitely belongs in the office and in board rooms. These timepieces showcase cool shades of white, navy and gray without compromising the beautiful look of a great watch brand accessory.

      • Corum Admiral's Cup White Dial - Stone white shades are in this year, and this watch is an ideal complement to your summer business outfits. It also provides a fresh nautical take on the whole conceptual look and feel of the summer business suit, as well as more casual polo and chino outfits for the daily grind.
      • Omega Seamaster Chrono Diver- Who said that functional couldn't be stylish? This exceptional watch contains a titanium dial and is water resistant for up to 300 meters, and the time is ensured to remain accurate up to those depths too for a reading you can count on underwater.
      • Tudor Black Bay Heritage Automatic Black Dial watch - The cool navy hues offer a fresh take on this watch that are ideal for pulling off in hot temperatures, and the aged leather delivers a dressy look for those who aren't fans of metal wristed watch bands for their day to day needs.


      In a world where details matter, people will appreciate the quality of watch that you wear in off-work outings or informal settings like going to the movies, the pub, and visits with friends and family. Here are a few choices that will make you look great and be the talk of those around you in those situations:

      • Corum TI Bridge Titanium watch Limited Edition - Simple, practical, and elegant, this Corum watch sends just the right message for a gentleman during casual affairs. Its titanium construction and rubber wristband is durable, and with a water resistant depth of 50 meters, it's not a bad watch to bring with you during your next fishing or golf outing.
      • Omega Seamaster Teak Grey Dial GMT Chronograph Black Leather - Bearing water resistance at 150 meters, this Omega Seamaster houses similar prowess as the other models without feeling like your watch might overwhelm someone. Black leather ensures that your wrist will maintain the wearing comfort you seek as well.
      • Tudor Fastrider Blackshield Watch - Another watch in low-key colors, this model provides similar benefits as Corum's business casual watch in the timekeeping format that most Tudor wearers are familiar with. The steel is PVD treated, and water resistance is also up to 150 meters.

      Which watch style speaks to you the loudest? It just might reflect your interests! And you can be certain that when one of these watches show up at the next summer jam, it will turn heads for years to come down the road.

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    2. Make This a Father's Day to Remember with 1 of These 3 Watch Brands

      Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

      Ah yes, another Father’s Day gift idea blog. I mean, what beats treating men like they’re all the same and force-feeding ideas as if each man is the same. At Watchfinder, we know that all men are created unique. Our selection speaks to men and women of all styles and walks of life. We literally have a watch for ANYBODY.  

      But, you’re here because you’re looking for a special idea for your dad.  You’re thinking that, this year, a tie and socks won’t do it. Luckily for you we’ve got you covered.  We also want to streamline your search and we’ve found 3 brands that speak directly to 3 different types of men. This year, if you’re father falls into one of the 3 categories below, we’ve got the perfect gift to make him really enjoy his Father’s Day.

      The Casual Dad - Graham watches are made for the understated, casual male. While the oversized nature may seem gaudy on this model, they’re watches are incredibly useful and can serve multiple purposes. This type of dad needs something he can wear without feeling like he’s the centre of attention. These luxury, rubber band watches are meant to be worn by dads who want to keep time at their kids’ sporting events or dance recitals. They’re meant for the “everyman” something that, at the end of the day, all dads have in them!

      The Stylish Dad – You’ve got one of those dads who will forever look more stylish than you. He’s never dressed with the times – somehow, he’s managed to stay ahead of them. For this dad, there can be only one brand. Hublot has long been a status symbol of success. While many look to a Rolex as the standard in luxury watches, connoisseurs know the beauty and timeless appeal of having a Hublot draped on his wrist. You don’t want your dad looking like every other dad, do you? Keep him in style this Father’s Day and really surprise him with a classic piece from this luxury Swiss brand.

      Hipster Papa – For this dad, nothing traditional will do. He needs something NO ONE will have. This is a man who is zigging when the world zags…and vice versa. For him, he can’t have a typical watch to go along with his attire. He needs something luxurious but understated. Our Ulysse Nardin watch line is stocked with watches that feature luxury faces with sleek leather bands that provide comfort AND style. Capable of being worn in any setting, this Father’s Day gift is the perfect gift for a dad that just won’t wear anything – but will wear what he does love whether at home, at the office or out on the town.

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    3. Rolex Watches Aren't Just for the Boys

      Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

      A common misconception people have about luxury watches, especially Rolex watches, is that they are made just for the boys. Sure, for years a Rolex watch being passed down from a grandfather to a grandson is a tradition that happens in families all across North America. As an heirloom, it has stood the test of time.

      That being said, Rolex has long made watches for women. In fact, some of the marquee moments in the luxury Swiss brand’s history have been marked by their forays into women’s luxury jewellery. For nearly a century, women have worn Rolex watches and been a vital part of Rolex’s success. There are many Rolex watches that are a fit for any women. Here are a few below:

      Lady Pearlmaster - The Pearlmaster epitomizes elegance and beauty. Yellow Gold diamonds and the pink face on this watch screams femininity and “girl power.” A favourite among women looking for that perfect piece to wear during a Sunday Brunch with the ladies, Rolex has a true, limited edition piece for a bold and beautiful woman to drape her wrist with.

      Rolex Oyster - Despite this watch sporting, “All Gold Everything,” the Oyster really does have a bit of understatement to it. The diamonds are beautifully added to the yellow gold case and, from a distance, gives that Gold watch look without looking too gaudy. For a woman who enjoys luxury and a little flash, you won’t find a better watch on the market. Certainly, this timeless watch could even start a trend of heirlooms being passed down from grandmothers to their granddaughters as well.

      Rolex Blue Jubilee - So maybe this unisex watch isn’t just for the ladies – but that doesn’t mean it won’t look incredible on the wrist of a woman looking for a bold, unique fashion accessory. Stainless Steel case and an oyster blue dial? Yes please! Unlike other Rolex pieces, this watch is a celebration of everything that owning a luxury Swiss watch can be. It’s luxurious, stylish, one-of-a-kind and, frankly speaking, it doesn’t break the bank to own for yourself!

      As you can see, the Rolex watch world isn’t just a man’s world. There’s room for the ladies and, should you look at even more of our Rolex collection, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect watch for yourself, or the special lady in your life.

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