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  • The Must-Have Fashion Accessory You Need This Year

    Posted by Halo Themes

    One may ask: in the era of versatile, innovative smart watches when no one actually needs a classic wristwatch to keep track of their time, why are we all so obsessed with iconic luxury designer watches? Here are four reasons that would justify our insatiable cravings for designer watches, including Hublot, Rolex, and Zenith watches.

    1. Watches Are Functional, Chic and Convenient. For starters, very few successful people will tell you that they don’t need a wristwatch because they already own and use a phone. Here’s why: fishing for a phone through your pockets in the middle of an important meeting can make your colleagues question your interest, credibility, and even your manners. On the other hand, watches offer you a discreet, convenient method to check the time in any context and environment, including during a meeting or at a boring social event. 

    2. Watches Are an Indicator of One’s Style and Taste. Iconic watches are often perceived as a symbol of masculinity, success, and unostentatiously elegant taste. They are a great indicator of one’s style and personality, and allow their wearers to introduce themselves without having to speak. 

    3. Watches Reflect Membership in a Specific Social Club. Whether we’re talking about a superb Audemars Piguet, a Rolex, a Hublot, or a Swatch, all these highly recognizable brands and watch models enable their owners to reveal the fact that they’re a part of a certain club. High-end models are often interpreted as an indicator of success, prosperity, and an extravagant lifestyle, and give wearers the chance to indulge in an ideal dosage of luxury without drawing criticism.

    4. Watches Reflect the Highest Level of Craftsmanship. From their well-made cuffs to their mechanisms and unique embellishments, luxury wristwatches reflect the perfect balance between the brand’s legacy and latest innovations. In most cases, several craftsmen work on the same piece for months in a row to put all its complex parts together, and turn it into an awe-inspiring piece of artwork that goes beyond its original time-telling purpose, and displays several additional features, such as stopwatch function, and moonphase complication. 

    Timeless, appealing and practical, high-end designer watches are clearly the hottest men’s accessories for 2017, especially if they feature mechanical and design innovations, and have the lasting quality that can be passed on from one generation to another with great pride. 

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  • Why Watches Will Never Go Out of Style

    Posted by Halo Themes

    Trends come and go, but classic style is forever. Based on this axiom, many fashion powerhouses behind bestselling luxury watches launch ingenious marketing campaigns, which never cease to attract the attention of stylish, deep-pocketed consumers. 

    Classic Watches Are Here to Stay 

    No one can question the eternal appeal and practicality of classic timepieces, considering that the oldest models listed in this category have survived technological breakthroughs, wars, and trend crazes over the past 500 years. 

    3 Reasons Why Watches Will Always Be Considered Must-Haves 

    Even in the era of speed, when many millennials turn their attention to smart watches, the supremacy of iconic, elegant wristwatches rolled out by legendary brands such as Zenith, Rolex, and Breitling cannot be contested or threatened. Here’s why. 

    1. They Are the Epitome of Style and Class. In modern times, when we are defined by our choices in terms of clothing and accessories, a luxury watch such as a Brietling or a Rolex can say many things about our background, interests, personal style, and lifestyle choices. Bold and refined, or simple and sophisticated, these watches display a timeless design that complements both casual and formal attires, and constitute magnificent, high-value pieces that can become family heirlooms. 

    2. They Are Versatile, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Functional. As innovative, fun, and easy to use as they may seem, smartwatches have their limitations, including a design that looks first-generation, and doesn’t exactly turn heads. 

    Chunky and thick, these models often fail to raise the interest of buyers interested in luxury timepieces, such as a masculine, elegant Rolex, a Zenith, or a Patek Philippe, which display superior craftsmanship, passion for aesthetics and functionality, and the greatest attention to detail. In terms of practicality, smart watches also fall behind classic timepieces, considering that these gadgets have obvious drawbacks, including the fact that they have to be charged each night, so users couldn’t possibly wear them non-stop.

    3. They Never Get Old. Fervent collectors will seldom consider investing in a smart watch for a very simple reason: these gadgets will rapidly be outpaced and replaced by newer models displaying a more generous package of cool features. While it can’t monitor your heart rate or your sleep pattern, a high-end classic watch will never lose its appeal and practicality. In time, it can actually increase its financial value and desirability, enabling its owner to see it as a clever long-term investment, sell it at a profit to an enthusiastic collector, or pass it on to his younger family members. 

    Certain iconic watches are worth more than a mansion and/or a luxury sports car. For instance, you would have to sell no less than 3.5 Bugatti Veyrons to get your hands on The Patek Caliber 89. With two faces, tourbillion, and an impressive number of mechanisms and parts, the stunning Vacheron Tour de l’Ile is also more expensive than a Ferrari, and will only increase in value in the future.

    For these reasons, it’s safe to say that luxury watches launched by prestigious brands, such as a Rolex, Vacheron, or Breitling, are timeless accessories that deserve to occupy a privileged spot in one’s collection of luxury must-haves.


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  • 5 Watch Trends for 2017

    Posted by Halo Themes

    What are the key elements that have the power to turn a new watch into a bestselling model in a split second? Some may point toward the manufacturer’s prestige and brand legacy; while others may argue that its price tag, durability, and timeless appeal are the crucial characteristics that separate a timepiece from the competition. 

    Knowing this, you may be wondering: what do the hottest 2017 watches have in common, and how can you select the most suitably envy-inducting model from the huge selection of appealing watches available from brands like Rolex, Lange and Sohne, and Hublot? s

    5 Watch Styles That Are Worthy of Your Time and Money in 2017 

    If you’re looking forward to finding a great wristwatch that you could consider a smart long-term investment, start by taking a closer look to the particulars of the most desirable designer luxury watches, which are expected to attract an even larger category of buyers in 2017. 

    1. Bigger Western Watches with a High-Impact Design. First of all, you should note that, after delivering watches tailored to match the smaller wrists of Far East prospects, the global industry is now ready to focus on Western demands and expectations once again. Under these circumstances, the trendiest watches of this year will most likely reflect the alluring simplicity of Western styles, allowing clients to rediscover the timeless beauty of iconic pieces made of steel, a material choice that has always managed to maintain its popularity on the European market. 

    2. Versatile Pilot and Sports Watches. At the same time, some industry experts are inclined to think that pilot and sports watches will make a smashing comeback this year, unveiling a clear focus on smaller case sizing. In terms of design, many prospective buyers will be tempted to invest in versatile watches that facilitate the transition from casual daytime-appropriate outfits to more formal attire. Models with incontestable 24/7 appeal, such as the alluring, masculine Hublot King Power Unico Black Magic (48 mm), are statement pieces that can add instant appeal for any type of outfit, in any given circumstances.

    3. Designer Watches with Decades of Tradition.In 2017, many buyers who appreciate the superior quality and exquisite detailing of luxury brands like Rolex, Hublot, or Lange and Sohne watches will turn their attention to iconic designer pieces that hardly need an introduction. This year, Cartier celebrates the 100 year anniversary of its timeless Tank model; this would be a fabulous opportunity for the brand to make a statement by launching a commemorative limited edition, and also a great chance for buyers to spend their money wisely on a statement, a rare collector’s item that will definitely increase its value in the long-term.

    4. Improved Mechanical Models. In order to respond to the unique demands expressed by millennials, fashion powerhouses will most likely roll out several improved mechanical models that have what it takes to compete with the most popular connected watches. This year, companies are expected to play it safe by focusing on retro reissues, color updates, and increased celebrity endorsements. 

    5. Watches Featuring Innovative, Luxurious Design Elements. 2017 is the year when luxury watch buyers will be looking for extra shine and innovation, added in a stylish, non-ostentatious manner to classic watches we all know and love. From semi-precious stone embellishments to bold cuffs and unexpected color choices, like turquoise, all of these novelty factors add long-lasting appeal to the trendiest watches of the moment, which you shouldn’t hesitate to add to your collection.


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  • Breitling Watches

    Posted by Sean Sherzady


    If you are a connoisseur of watches, then Breitling watches will have something special for you. These are supposed to be some of the oldest watches, and were founded more than a century ago, in 1884. Each piece of Breitling automatic Swiss watch is a blend of elegance, quality, precision, and durability. They come in men’s as well as women’s collection, and make a good collectible.

    Most of the Breitling automatic watches are inspired by the aviation. So, these watches are mainly used by the pilots, divers, and have always dominated the watch industry in land, sea, as well as the sky. They believe in precision, and show the most accurate time.

    You can also find Breitling Chronograph, which redefines the classic design of the 1950s and 1960s, in a fantastic modern, and contemporary style. The watch is slender, and is loaded with a complete high-performance engine, named Caliber 01. This engine is again a product of the Breitling workshop. The dial of the watch is clear and readable, and has applied hour-markers, snail counters, and can be a brand symbol for anybody. Breitling Chronograph is a symbol of elegance and versatility.

    Breitling watches can cost a fortune, as they are one of the most valuable collectibles. But, one can easily find used Breitling watches on the net. On this site, you would be able to find the latest styles of Breitling watches, and can also find the used Breitling watches, which can be used as collectibles. We keep updating our catalogues, and these include all the designs. There is a wide selection of watches for Men as well as women, and there are various sizes and designs to choose from. The watches are available in steel, gold, titanium, and can match the tastes and requirements for anybody. Some of the watches also have features such as optional diamond dials, auto chronometer, black steel, GMT etc. And, these are also available in various straps including crocodile strap, leather strap, rubber, or stainless steel.

    We offer trades, direct selling, and consignments to the customers, so people can easily get paid for the old Breitling watches that they possess, and can also get a chance to own a collectible watch for oneself. You can also find some very good deals, offers and discounts on this site, and would be able to save money on these lovely watches. Be a proud owner of Breitling watch today, and store them in your collectible section.

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