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  • Make This a Father's Day to Remember with 1 of These 3 Watch Brands

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    Ah yes, another Father’s Day gift idea blog. I mean, what beats treating men like they’re all the same and force-feeding ideas as if each man is the same. At Watchfinder, we know that all men are created unique. Our selection speaks to men and women of all styles and walks of life. We literally have a watch for ANYBODY.  

    But, you’re here because you’re looking for a special idea for your dad.  You’re thinking that, this year, a tie and socks won’t do it. Luckily for you we’ve got you covered.  We also want to streamline your search and we’ve found 3 brands that speak directly to 3 different types of men. This year, if you’re father falls into one of the 3 categories below, we’ve got the perfect gift to make him really enjoy his Father’s Day.

    The Casual Dad - Graham watches are made for the understated, casual male. While the oversized nature may seem gaudy on this model, they’re watches are incredibly useful and can serve multiple purposes. This type of dad needs something he can wear without feeling like he’s the centre of attention. These luxury, rubber band watches are meant to be worn by dads who want to keep time at their kids’ sporting events or dance recitals. They’re meant for the “everyman” something that, at the end of the day, all dads have in them!

    The Stylish Dad – You’ve got one of those dads who will forever look more stylish than you. He’s never dressed with the times – somehow, he’s managed to stay ahead of them. For this dad, there can be only one brand. Hublot has long been a status symbol of success. While many look to a Rolex as the standard in luxury watches, connoisseurs know the beauty and timeless appeal of having a Hublot draped on his wrist. You don’t want your dad looking like every other dad, do you? Keep him in style this Father’s Day and really surprise him with a classic piece from this luxury Swiss brand.

    Hipster Papa – For this dad, nothing traditional will do. He needs something NO ONE will have. This is a man who is zigging when the world zags…and vice versa. For him, he can’t have a typical watch to go along with his attire. He needs something luxurious but understated. Our Ulysse Nardin watch line is stocked with watches that feature luxury faces with sleek leather bands that provide comfort AND style. Capable of being worn in any setting, this Father’s Day gift is the perfect gift for a dad that just won’t wear anything – but will wear what he does love whether at home, at the office or out on the town.

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  • Rolex Watches Aren't Just for the Boys

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    A common misconception people have about luxury watches, especially Rolex watches, is that they are made just for the boys. Sure, for years a Rolex watch being passed down from a grandfather to a grandson is a tradition that happens in families all across North America. As an heirloom, it has stood the test of time.

    That being said, Rolex has long made watches for women. In fact, some of the marquee moments in the luxury Swiss brand’s history have been marked by their forays into women’s luxury jewellery. For nearly a century, women have worn Rolex watches and been a vital part of Rolex’s success. There are many Rolex watches that are a fit for any women. Here are a few below:

    Lady Pearlmaster - The Pearlmaster epitomizes elegance and beauty. Yellow Gold diamonds and the pink face on this watch screams femininity and “girl power.” A favourite among women looking for that perfect piece to wear during a Sunday Brunch with the ladies, Rolex has a true, limited edition piece for a bold and beautiful woman to drape her wrist with.

    Rolex Oyster - Despite this watch sporting, “All Gold Everything,” the Oyster really does have a bit of understatement to it. The diamonds are beautifully added to the yellow gold case and, from a distance, gives that Gold watch look without looking too gaudy. For a woman who enjoys luxury and a little flash, you won’t find a better watch on the market. Certainly, this timeless watch could even start a trend of heirlooms being passed down from grandmothers to their granddaughters as well.

    Rolex Blue Jubilee - So maybe this unisex watch isn’t just for the ladies – but that doesn’t mean it won’t look incredible on the wrist of a woman looking for a bold, unique fashion accessory. Stainless Steel case and an oyster blue dial? Yes please! Unlike other Rolex pieces, this watch is a celebration of everything that owning a luxury Swiss watch can be. It’s luxurious, stylish, one-of-a-kind and, frankly speaking, it doesn’t break the bank to own for yourself!

    As you can see, the Rolex watch world isn’t just a man’s world. There’s room for the ladies and, should you look at even more of our Rolex collection, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect watch for yourself, or the special lady in your life.

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  • Go "Big" or Go Home

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    People who love watches tend to fall into a couple of categories when selecting their favourites. Those who like their watch faces big….and everyone else. The debate can even turn a little mean-spirited – with the big watch lovers claiming that smaller watches look like children’s pieces and the smaller watch lovers imagine that their counterparts have affection for bigger watches to express a need to show off or, at worse, compensate for a parts of themselves they find lacking. While we at Watchfinder have a love of ALL watches, for the sake of this blog, we’re jumping right on board with our friends who like ‘em big. After all, just as an attitude we all should adopt with our lives, when it comes to watches it’s sometimes best to ‘go big or go home.’ 

    Bigger = Powerful

    Large watches are certainly a fashion choice for the bold. They provide a pop to any ensemble, regardless of the outfit they’re worn with. If you’ve got a watch like a Di Grisogono going with your favourite business wear for example, chances are your power suit will have an additional force draped around your wrist to give you that powerful look you’re looking for. A big watch doesn’t mean that you’re over-compensating. It means that you’re confident and don’t mind having to accessorize in a way to grab the spotlight you so rightfully deserve.

    Big-Face Works for Casual Too

    One of the fallacies associated with luxury watches is that they’re best worn in formal settings. Nothing could be farther from the truth…but you like bigger watches so we don’t have to tell you that! You know that a T-Shirt and Jeans night is made better with a big, bold watch like something in the Zenith watches collection. Plus if you’re out on a date or just a night on the town, do you really want to just rely on your phone for the time? Nothing is more off-putting than checking your phone constantly. Having a big bold watch keeps you in fashion and from looking rude by staring down at your phone multiple times during any occasion.

    It really boils down to personal taste at the end of the day.  We know watches of all sizes are beautiful. That being said, we do love nothing more than seeing our clients beam with glee as they put on their brand new, big faced watch.  It’s often said that, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ When it comes to watches, there’s nothing more beautiful than having more watch to look at. A big face watch is a fashion choice for the bold and, at the end of the day, we all have enough adventure and moxy to pull off a big watch if we want to.  

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  • Getting Married in Style: Choosing the Right Watch for the Groom

    Posted by Max Chiabai

    Wedding days are joyous events, but the truth is that most of the attention traditionally goes to the engagement ring and the bride’s wedding dress. The groom deserves some special attention and style, as well, and his watch can certainly reflect that. A vintage watch is the perfect way to complement his suit and show his attention to detail. Here are three options that are picture perfect for any groom-to-be:

    Ulysse Nardin

    Ulysse Nardin crafts classic watches in various metals, finishes, colors, and types. You’ll find traditional watches like the Perpetual Calendar GMT watch crafted in gorgeous platinum, or the Executive Dual Time watch with a bold black face and white Roman numerals. Either of these is the epitome of elegance, a quality any groom will appreciate each and every day after the big occasion. In fact, Ulysse Nardin watches are gorgeous heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation, too. Imagine the groom’s son getting married in the same watch his father wore on his wedding day. With classic style like this, tradition is just around the corner.


     Tudor watches are fantastic options for grooms who want to wear a classic watch with a pop of color. The timeless Black Bay Heritage watch comes with a blue or red bezel set against a black face, and it has a classic leather strap, as well. Tudor’s Prince OysterDate is yet another amazing choice with its combination of steel and gold. This watch is sure to catch the eyes of guests and, just like the groom’s wedding ring, he’ll never want to take it off. Finally, the Tudor Sport Hydronaut II is a dive watch that is as elegant as it is functional, and more than classy enough for a man’s special day.

    Audemars Piguet

    Audemars Piguet has a design to suit every groom’s style. These watches come in a variety of styles and colour combinations, too. For example, the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph comes in a variety of colors and materials, including ceramic. For the groom who appreciates diamonds as much as his bride, there’s the Royal Oak Quartz surrounded by an 18-karat solid gold bezel adorned by stunning diamonds. Finally, the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar watches will help him commemorate his wedding day for many years to come.  

    A groom’s watch is just as important as a bride’s engagement ring. Whether your groom prefers the classic, timeless style of the Tudor Prince OysterDate or the more elegant and refined look offered by the Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time watch, his wedding day will remain forever in his heart with the gift of a timeless piece adorning his wrist.

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  • Buying a Dive Watch? Look for These Features

    Posted by Max Chiabai

    A dive watch was originally designed to resist water pressure up to a depth of 100 meters or more. These days, though, watchmakers like Cartier and Corum have added other features that are convenient and even life-saving. Learning more about dive watches and their features can help you make the right choice when you decide to make your purchase.

    Heavy-Duty Gaskets

    A dive watch is meant to be worn underwater, so it’s vital that the maker takes the time to use high-quality gaskets that will keep water out - even under significant pressure. The best watchmakers use heavy-duty gaskets that last many, many years. While they may inevitably need to be replaced, especially after repeated exposure to saltwater, they’ll hold up far better than watches with poorly-made gaskets.

    Screw-In Crowns

    Crowns are often adjustable, but this can prove troublesome for watches designed to be worn underwater. The best watchmakers use screw-down crowns that lock firmly into place while you’re underwater. This effectively creates a seal to keep water and debris out.

    Rotating Bezel

    This feature is designed to help you keep track of your dive time by counting the minutes up. An ISO-certified watch must have clear markers every five minutes around the bezel, too. Look for a watch with a bezel that is easy to grip since this will be important during your dive.

    Easy Viewing

    A dive watch should be very easy to see underwater. In fact, many of the best manufacturers use glow-in-the-dark illumination for even clearer viewing. Look for large numbers and well-shaped hands, and choose options that have special bezels that won’t provide a distorted view while diving.


    Your dive watch can’t help you if it stops working when exposed to salt water, or when you accidentally bump it against the side of the boat. Make sure you check reviews and search for the most durable options. Look for metals that won’t corrode, shatter-resistant glass, and fittings that will hold up even after years of wear.

    Tough Strap

    Your watchstrap helps to ensure that you don’t lose your watch during your dive. Leather straps are poor choices, so choose rubber and/or cloth straps, instead. Some watchmakers have begun combining rubber and stainless steel for a more personalized fit, as well.

    Fashion Forward

    Of course, your dive watch should always reflect your own inner sense of style. You’ll find that Cartier and Corum watches watches offer several unique styles and finishes from which to choose, each of which is modern, yet timeless.

    While a dive watch should indeed have features that allow you to keep track of your dive safely, without fear of losing your watch or water infiltration, it should also be a stylish fashion statement on land, as well. When you look for the aforementioned features, you’re sure to get a watch that will suit your needs and your style.

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