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  • Breitling vs. Rolex: Comparing two Elite Brands

    Posted by Vesa Collaborator

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    Breitling vs. Rolex: Both brands are prominent pioneers in the watch world. Since their founding over a century ago, both brands have worked tirelessly to establish themselves as authorities within the watch industry.  They are also influencers within the watch culture. Although their stories span over the same period,Breitling  and  Rolex have each taken a unique approach to the business and fine art of watchmaking.

    Leon Breitling established his brand in 1884 in a small workshop that specialized in building chronographs and precision watches. The designs were specifically intended for sports, science, and other niche industries. On the other hand, Hans Wilsdorf first founded a watch distribution business in 1905. It later took on the name Rolex when they began designing their own timepieces. Breitling’s initial focus was on carefully crafting precisions instruments for a specific purpose, namely aviation. Whereas, Wilsdorf honed his efforts on crafting high quality movements and complications.


     Breitling Vs. Rolex: The Recent Years

    In more recent years, Rolex has expanded their focus into the worlds of sports and pop culture by cultivating sponsorships with some of the world’s most influential people and relationships across an array of industries, including tennis, golf, motorsports, and sailing. Breitling, however, has remained steadfast in their dedication to the development of the chronograph. In 2009, they introduced the Caliber 01, the brand’s most precise self-winding chronograph movement to date.

    Today, both Breitling and Rolex continue to leave their mark in horological history with their relentless pursuits to develop the highest caliber watches on the market. Each brand has dedicated their efforts to a particular facet and focus of watchmaking. If you have to choose between Breitling and Rolex, you certainly can’t go wrong—it all comes down to personal preference.

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  • How to Start Collecting Luxury Swiss Watches

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    Are you considering starting a luxury watch collection, but intimidated by where to start? There is absolutely no need to be even a little bit apprehensive, because collecting top-of-the-line watches is easier than it's ever been. The Internet is an easy way to search and find exactly the watches you want including used watches that are more affordable than brand new watches. Now, it's time to narrow down your search.

    Choosing Your First Watch

    Your first watch in your collection is special, you should select a watch that bares some significance to you. Since you have been researching watch collecting for some time, now is the moment to decide which one is the one you will buy. Maybe you have a specific style or look you are going for such as round or square watches. Or it might be the color of the watch that you like. Many collectors have designers that they love, and start their luxury watch collection with one of their favorites.

    Narrowing Down the Designer

    Designer watches are truly treasures to cherish for a lifetime. When you are ready to wear a gorgeous piece on your wrist, you are ready to start your collection. Watch designers such as Frank Muller and Jaeger-Lecoultre are good starting points for a new watch collector. Frank Muller watches and Jaeger-Lecoultre watches have the reputation and collectability that mean they will continue to rise in value and you can find used Jaeger-Lecoultre at reputable dealers for more affordable prices.

    Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Swiss Watch

    Do your research. Get to know the designer line you are interested in and which watch you want. Make sure that you know exactly what the watch should look like and that the dealer you are buying from has a good reputation.

    Consider starting your collection with used watches to lower the cost, but don't buy a watch just because it is lower in cost. Buy only watches you want to add to your collection.

    Don't listen to trendsetters. Your collection is for you, so you should only buy what you love, not what is trendy at the moment. If the trends don't appeal to you, just search for the style that you like and go from there.

    If a watch doesn't look good on your wrist, then it is not for you. If you aren't going to wear it, why buy it. Buy a watch that you love to wear and looks great with your wardrobe. After all, showing them off is half the fun of owning a watch collection.

    Don't buy a watch just as an investment to make you richer. Watches may or may not appreciate depending on forces outside of your control. You may get lucky, but most times they depreciate like cars do. Value can change on a whim.

    Labor of Love

    Collecting watches is a fashionable labor of love. Once you know what you want in your first watch, follow the steps above and you are sure to find exactly the collectible that you are looking for. Then you can get dressed up and enjoy the feeling of your designer luxury Swiss watch on your wrist.

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  • 3 Top Brands Every Vintage Watch Collector Should Own

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    Collecting luxury Swiss watches has become a trendy and stylish hobby for men. Owning the perfect accessory for your look or style is imperative. Watches are no longer just timepieces, after all you have a phone that can tell time. Instead wearing a watch is a fashion statement. At Watchfinder, we are always searching for the highest-quality vintage watches so that our customers have the best selection to choose from when shopping. We want you to look sharp and own the type of luxury Swiss watch you can be proud of.

    Which Vintage Brands Should I Buy?

    There are 3 brands which you should add to your watch collection when you find the style you want. We recommend these brands for a variety of reasons and know that you will love them as much as we do. These brands are pre-owned Zenith, Corum and Jaquet Droz watches.

    Pre-Owned Zenith Watches

    Zenith is a time-honored brand of watches. Founded in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith has become one of the top watch companies in the world, with hand-crafted top-of-the-line watches its known specialty. Anyone who collects a Zenith watch knows that they will be wearing the ultimate in style and functionality. One of the unique features of Zenith is that they still make all of their watches completely in-house. Every step goes through the careful inspection of the Zenith's quality assurance.

    At Watchfinder, we know that Zenith is a company that is reliable and concerned with pleasing their customers. When you buy a Zenith watch from us, you are sure to be thrilled.

    Corum Watches

    Corum is the short name for Montres Corum Sàrl, a Swiss watch company founded in 1955. Founded by Gaston Ries and Renee Bannwart, Corum is known for its high-end watches and specialty watches. Collecting vintage Corum watches is collecting a piece of history. Corum also has some limited edition watches that are unique in value. Watchfinder recommends Corum watches highly and we list only their top selections on our site. We know that you will enjoy owning and wearing a Corum watch.

    Jaquet Droz Watches

    Pierre Jaquet Droz was more than a watchmaker; he was a genius in mechanical design. From 1738 on, Jaquet Droz devoted his time to clockmaking, specializing in a variety of clockwork items including automatons and large grandfather clocks. He was known for his dexterity and creativity in making clockworks. Owning a Jaquet Droz is truly a step back in history, and enjoying it for a lifetime is not nearly long enough. Watchfinder looks for vintage watches continually, and when we find Jaquet Droz we love to offer it to customers. This is one watch you should definitely put on your bucket list.

    Finding the Right Watches to Collect

    Establishing your collection is a wonderful hobby and pastime. You can show off your new additions, confident in buying them from a reputable and reliable vendor like Watchfinder.

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  • Should I Buy a Luxury Watch Without the Box and Papers?

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    Collecting your favorite luxury Swiss watches is a labor of love, giving you the joy of collecting and wearing each new watch you own. Online trading has become a premier way to find new watches to add to your collection since the internet allows people to buy from dealers around the world. As a collector, considering whether the box and papers are important to own is one that has become a discussion for debate.

    Luxury Watches Box and Papers

    The internet can make watch collecting a little more risky than personally knowing a dealer and his reputation. The box and papers are proof of authenticity and reliability of the dealer. The topic of the box and papers has become a debatable one, with collectors seemingly split 50/50 on both sides of the issue. The internet seems to have added to the desire of owning the box and papers for proof. In the past, box and papers were regarded as similar to clothing tags, more of a nuisance that should be discarded.

    Collecting Vintage Luxury Watches

    Since many men would walk into a store, buy a watch and walk out wearing it, many vintage watches owners no longer have the box and papers. If you are interested in collecting vintage luxury watches such as used Graham, used Oris and used De Grisogono online, then you need to find reputable dealers you can trust. Collecting vintage watches is very enjoyable and you can feel confident with the right watch on your arm. However, you need to know that what you are buying is authentic, even without having the box and papers in hand.

    How to Find Reputable Watch Dealers You Can Trust

    Finding a dealer you can trust is the key to buying vintage luxury watches online. Therefore, it is important to research the dealer as much as you research the watches you collect. Here are some valuable tips on how to find a watch dealer you can trust.

    Check how long the dealer has been in business and any registration that is necessary where it is located. If the business is legitimate, it will be registered.

    Read reviews to determine the quality of interactions the dealer has with customers. Previous customers can tell you if the dealer has dealt with them fairly.

    Does the dealer know the business? Good dealers especially in the used watch business know the details of the brands and watches that they sell. Their special knowledge is part of what keeps them in business. In lieu of papers, their preceding reputation is the confidence you need to buy a used watch.

    How many times has this dealer sold the brand you want? Having a watch seller with extensive sales and knowledge means that they would never offer a fake or damaged watch for sale in their store, because it turn it would damage their reputation.

    Buying Used Watches with Confidence

    Once you have established that the dealer has an excellent reputation, you can buy used watches without the box and papers with confidence. You can also build a relationship with a reputable dealer to add to your collection the next time you are ready to buy. One such dealer is Watchfinder who is an expert seller of vintage and.

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  • Luxury Watches for Working Men

    Posted by Mike Zhmudikov

    Respect oftentimes comes with how a man presents himself. That's why a man's appearance at work has an impact on how employees perceive him and how clients view him. If you want the man in your life to demand respect and feel confident this upcoming season, he needs a unique timepiece. Here are a few suggestions:

    Corum Watches

    Corum has been in business since 1952, surviving as a company thanks to a history of providing showpieces, rather than just your typical luxury timepieces. This Swiss watch company's most popular line is the Admiral Cup, but their coin watches put a spin on the concept that, “time is money.” Watches in this particular line feature a $10 or $20 coin and each limited edition piece sells out quickly.

    When it comes to appearance, Corum watches focus on color. Watches produced by this company tend to have bold hues that aren't commonly found in other Swiss watch designs, making a watch from Corum stand out and make a statement.

    Corum also incorporates embellishments not commonly found on other lavish watch brands. Corum has used bubble numbers in the past to make their pieces different. Your boyfriend or husband will demand respect when he wears a piece that not everyone has, giving him the confidence needed to handle his day thanks to the confidence he gets from pulling off a look that no other man has.


    Jaeger-LeCoultre started production in the 19th century and has since created over 1,000 luxury watch models. Some of the watches have small movements, making them very diverse in comparison to other makes. The JLC Master Control collection offers pieces ideal for those who have a large watch budget. This particular line centers on the concept of vintage never being out of style. For men who are conscientious about time, the Master Chronograph has a tachometer, which also measures the distance of travel.

    Jacob and Co.

    A used Jacob and Co. watch is just as exquisite as a brand new one. The brand has long prided itself on crafting timepieces that do more than just tell time. Jacob and Co. offers a wide variety of choices for men who want more out of a watch. The Jacob and Co. Five Time Zone Diamond Pave Unisex offers a map of the world background and allows your special someone to know the time in different areas he does business in. The creativity of watches from this company goes beyond the average luxury watch designs. Concepts from Jacob and Co. include 3D elements, unique stones and so much more. Used Jacob and Co. watches hold value for these reasons.

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