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  • 3 Luxury Watch Brands That Embrace Style and Function

    Posted by Halo Themes

    For fashion-conscious men, a go-to watch is a must. Just like a crisp white shirt or fitted black dress shirt can overhaul an entire look, a go-to watch can add elegance, beauty, and appeal to any outfit.  

    The best watch should go effortlessly from your morning board meeting to an after-work cocktail party, and should be something you’re proud to keep, wear, and admire for decades to come. Fortunately, that’s not too much to ask from today’s watchmakers. 

    Here are 3 luxury watch brands that combine function, elegance, and timeless appeal. 

    Cartier: Basic Luxury with a Twist

      A Cartier piece is an essential part of any good watch collection. Known for their affordable line of luxury watches, Cartier is one of the most recognizable brands on earth. Their pieces are made from gold, leather, and platinum, and the brand mixes colorful designs (like the Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch) with timeless, signature pieces, such as the Cartier Pasha.

      Widely known for their for their “Admiral's Cup” series, Corum allows consumers to choose from materials including gold, titanium, diamonds, silver, and chrome — to name a few. A must-have for anyone interested in growing or enhancing their collection, Corum’s basic watches start at about $4,000. This accessible price tag and incredible craftsmanship make Corum timepiece the ideal gift, go-to watch, or special treat.

      De Grisogono: Unorthodoxy You’ll Love 

      “Unorthodox” is a term used by De Grisogono to describe their colorful, avant-garde watches. If you want to stand out from the crowd, a beautiful timepiece from their collection is the perfect go-to.

      To differentiate themselves from the crowd, De Grisogono uses an array of precious stones and premium materials that are not easy to find. As a testament to their modern, “style-that-meets technology-approach,” they have recently collaborated with tech giant Samsung to create a limited-edition line that combines style and technology. 

      Watch collectors love the Grande Stainless Steel No3 model, which features a custom diamond bezel and buckle, ideal for any style-conscious purchaser. 

      Explore Luxury Brands at Watchfinder 

      The luxury watch market is changing all the time. For the adventurous buyer, trying out new brands is a fantastic way to grow an existing watch collection and find something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. 

      Whether it’s a timeless piece you’ll wear to work and eventually gift to your grandchildren or a statement piece designed to turn heads, Watchfinder is here to offer the widest selection of luxury watches on the web. Browse our catalogue today to find something you love. 

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    • Are You Wearing the Right Watch With Your Suit?

      Posted by Halo Themes

      Nothing says “elegance” more than a beautiful suit, finished with a classic timepiece. While the suit is a modern man’s armour, an unforgettable watch is the crest. 

      Today, cultivating a classic, elegant look is all about simplicity. Gone are the days when you need to over-accessorize to make a statement. Ensuring that you select the right watch to wear with your suit is essential to putting your best fashion foot forward. 

      The Ideal Watch for Grey Suits 

      If you value functionality, style, expert craftsmanship, and watches that can add to, but not compete with a classic grey suit, you need a Ulysse Nardin. Known for their highly accurate marine chronometers, timepieces from this brand are ideal for diving enthusiasts, adventurers, and on-the-go professionals.

      The 513 22/62 Marine Annual Chronograph is a good choice for busy individuals who want a low-key yet eye-catching piece that suits any outfit or any occasion. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale and lavish, look no further than the Maxi Marine Diver, which includes silver and gold accents.

      Watches for Relaxed Brown Suits 

      Brown suits are common in laid-back and less formal settings. Just because a brown suit might not make it to your next partner’s meeting, however, doesn’t mean you can afford to slack on the watch. If you wear brown suits frequently, you need a versatile and stylish watch that can dress up your look. 

      That’s where Audemars Piguet comes in. Known for their avant-garde styles and mechanical watches, this brand has made a name for itself for being one of the brands avid watch collectors search tirelessly for. 

      For a look that’s as classic as it is comfortable, go for the Royal Oak- Quartz Mid-Size Gray Dial 30MM Solid 18K Gold watch, featuring diamonds set in its face. For a more laid-back look, opt for something with a simple brown strap, like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. 

      Luxury and Technology for Blue and Black Suits 

      Blue and black suits are the ultimate in men’s formalwear, so a great watch is critical to accessorize your wardrobe. For these timeless looks, you can go two ways:  either wear a watch with a colored band for a pop of color, or choose a classic black-banded model, which looks elegant and doesn’t require you to dress it up. 

      Hublot makes some fantastic watches for both options. Known throughout the world for their “Fusion” technology, this brand was the first to mix unique, one-of-a-kind and exotic materials with Swiss watchmaking traditions for a truly unique selection of pieces. 

      For a pop of color, opt for the Hublot Aerofusion Cricket World Cub Gold chronograph, which features a stunning red strap.  For a more traditional black-banded variety, the Hublot Big Bang Red Gold Pave model will work beautifully. 

      Classic Timepieces for Classic Looks

        When it comes to choosing a great watch, taking the style and color of your suits into account is critical. A great watch can take your outfit to the next level, while a mismatched one can cheapen your entire look.

        To learn more about luxury watches and find something that suits your unique style, visit Watchfinder today, and shop our extensive selection.



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      • Jaquet Droz Watches Are Revolutionizing Wearable Art

        Posted by Halo Themes

        Today’s discerning consumers want a beautiful fusion between technology and design. As the digital age progresses, it’s not uncommon for consumers to choose functionality and an affordable price over something that’s beautiful enough to be a piece of art. 

        But what if there was a brand that allowed you to have both? 

        Fortunately, there is. Meet Jaquet Droz, a company that’s famous for their innovative watches, hand-engraved motifs, and Paillonné enameling techniques (tiny motifs cut from gold or silver leaves), and enamel dial painting. Unlike virtually anything else in the market today, this brand offers what can only be described as wearable art pieces. 

        Their wide selection of vintage-style watches is ideal for those who are tired of commercial watches that all look the same. Owning a Jaquet Droz timepiece is the equivalent of owning an exceptional work of art. They only difference is that you can take the Jaquet Droz wherever you go. 

        What Makes Jaquet Droz Different?

         Jaquet Droz has been in the watch-making business since the 18th century. Since then, the company has developed design techniques that are virtually exclusive to them. With their captivating designs, they cater to the niche buyer who values handcrafted pieces. 

        Everything from the watch dial to the piece’s design has been meticulously handcrafted by talented artisans with skills honed over time. One of the things Jaquet Droz is best-known for is its use of “Grand Feu enameling,” which is the process of using enamel to preserve the watch’s beauty and give it a luxe look. 

        Today, Jaquet Droz offers mother-of-pearl and onyx dials, an extension of luxury virtually unheard-of in the watch industry. In an era where trends change consistently, this brand’s wearable art pieces are so beautiful that you’ll want to pass them on to your children

        While other luxury watch brands such as Graham watches and Hublot watches are also making elegant timepieces to cater to the design-conscious crowd, Jaquet Droz stands out as the leader in one-of-a-kind handcrafted art pieces you can wear on your wrist. Jaquet Droz’s designs are rustic, elegant, and high-class – a true must-have for those who want something “beautifully different.”

        Your Next Family Heirloom 

        As one of the most exclusive brands in the modern watch market, Jaquet Droz items are some of the most valued. Some of the brand’s rare and diamond-adorned pieces have been sold in high-end auctions for unbelievable prices. While these pieces can be difficult to find, consumers who manage to get their hands on one will never regret it. 

        Some of the most gorgeous, detailed, and exclusive watches in the world, a Jaquet Droz piece is one you’ll want to hand down to your children, grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. And since Jaquet Droz watches are high-quality and timeless, they’ll easily stand the test of the centuries, remaining a beautiful and classic keepsake for generations to come.

        To learn more about luxury watch brands, or to find your perfect accessory today, visit Watchfinder and shop our selection of the world’s most sought-after brands.

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      • Why are Rolex Watches So Valuable?

        Posted by Halo Themes

        Winston Churchill wore one, Pablo Picasso, too. Even the Dalai Lama has a few. Founded in 1905, Rolex is decades younger than luxury watch brands the likes of Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne. This brand that was founded in London over 100 years ago has made its own mark in the world like its peers and is often worn by notable individuals and those who have taste for the finer things in life.

        In 1919, Rolex moved its operations to Switzerland and became one of the most well-known Swiss-made brands in the world. For decades, Rolex watches have been sought after, valued, and admired.

        Although the brand is globally recognizable, Rolex has maintained a certain mystique and its strict no photography policy inside its facilities takes discreetness to a whole new level. Apart from this air of secrecy and the obvious beauty of every Rolex watch, many wonder what makes these watches so valuable. 

        Rolex Uses Expensive Materials

          The standard steel for the luxury market is 316L. Rolex, on the other hand utilizes a harder, shinier steel called the 904L. 904L steel is difficult to work with but for Rolex, it’s worth it. This particular steel is hardier, it is rust and corrosion resistant, and looks better than other types of steel. It also takes special skills and special tools to work with 904L.

          Aside from this special steel, Rolex also uses bezel, a scratch proof ceramic and lines it with sandblasted platinum. The brand also incorporates gold, platinum, and precious stones into its watches.

          Expensive Movements

          Movements are as complicated as car engines, only on a smaller scale. Since the parts are so small and delicate, the failure rate during assembly is far higher. While the parts are made by a machine, all movements are put together by hand. For Rolex, this is the only way to do it. Each watch is also polished and finished by hand. 

          Almost Everything’s In-House

          For all of Rolex’s contributions in the watchmaking industry, it comes as no surprise that the company controls every part of their production process. Rolex is obsessive when it comes to quality control. Rolex has its own science lab, gemology department, foundry, and even employs its own jewelers.

          Their internal Research & Development department works on different items that are involved in the manufacturing process. This includes the development of oils and lubricants to make machines work more efficiently, an area for research dedicated to new watches and parts, and a place where they take a closer look at metals.

          The brand also has its own stress test room where watches go through simulated wear through the help of robots. Additional tests are done depending on the specific model. Rolex Dive watches, for example, are tested for water resistance inside pressurized tanks. 

          This luxury brand makes its own gold and processes platinum in its own foundry as well.

          Rolex also has its very own gemological department that tests every batch of diamonds or precious stones that come their way. On top of all that, the luxury watch brand also has traditional jewelers in-house. They are the ones who set hand-selected stones onto each watch. 

          It Takes a Long Time to Make One Rolex Watch

          Although Rolex is pragmatic with technology, it does not take shortcuts when it comes to making its watches. It is true that the brand makes almost a million watches per year, but quality and performance are their topmost priorities. That’s why you’ll always pay premium for a Rolex.

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        • 3 Swiss Luxury Watch Brands to Look Out for in 2017

          Posted by Halo Themes

          The wording “Swiss Made” was formally adopted by Swiss watch brands in the 19th century. On some older Swiss Made watches, the word “Swiss” is used alone and placed right on the dial. Other terms like “Suisse” and “Swiss Movement” are also used.

          In January of 2017, new regulations in Switzerland were put in place to protect luxury watchmakers and the “Swiss Made” label. New regulations now scrutinize which brands qualify as “Swiss Made”.

          Based on the new “Swissness” bill, 60 percent of a watch’s manufacturing must occur in the country. This is a stricter regulation compared to the Swiss Made bill codified in 1971.

          Brands want to be labeled as “Swiss Made” because it represents a standard quality and performance not found anywhere else in the world. It is extremely attractive to those who want to buy luxury watches and, for decades, has been a magnet for foreign direct investment.  Unfortunately, this label has become a selling point for lower cost brands. With the new regulations, low-cost brands will likely abandon the label.

          It is argued that Swiss Made watches operating under the new law will not only guarantee quality but will also ensure domestic investment from the watchmaking industry.

          Take a look at some of the hottest Swiss luxury brands below. 


          Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot is known for combining gold and rubber in its watches. Each wristwatch from the brand is durable, stylish, and adaptable. A sought after brand because of its design, Hublot is a fine choice if you are looking for a modern watch.

          Apart from the distinctive porthole shape of a Hublot and the rubber rim that complements its dials, the band of every Hublot watch conforms to the wrist of the person wearing it. Every watch made by the brand is comfortable and almost weightless, which explains why it has always been the go-to choice for sportsmen and individuals who always work with their hands. 

          Audemars Piguet

            Audemars Piguet is synonymous with luxury and prestige. Founded by Edward-Auguste Piguet and Jules-Louis Audemars in 1875, the brand is among the best and most luxurious Swiss Made brands around. A leader when it comes to trends, it is noted for making the first steel sports watch. Audemars Piguet also produced the first oversized watch in 1993.

            Unlike other Swiss brands, the company is still owned by the families of its founders. The luxury brand supplies its movements to Bulgari and Cartier. That alone says a lot. 

            Ulysse Nardin

              Founded by Ulysse Nardin in the year 1846, the brand of the same name still makes its watches in the original place where the first Ulysse Nardin watch was made. Operating even during the two World Wars, the Swiss brand still holds its office in Le Locle, the place where it was founded.

              A leader in marine chronometers, Ulysse Nardin has produced a range of wristwatches that are distinctive and visually appealing. Known for working with modernized materials, the brand often gives its watches unique leather bands in a range of colors.

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