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2nd hand luxury watches

2nd hand luxury watches

If you are looking to shop for any luxury watch brand, browse our website here.

Not only at online watch platforms or auctions can you discover vintage, used, and new watches, but at WatchFinder you will find an extensive range of impressive models. Here at Watchfinder, you have the chance to buy the very watch that matches your unique taste. Whether brand new or pre-owned men’s watches, in WatchFinder’s shop you can purchase them at exceptional prices. 

Every watch goes through a strict process of quality control and is checked for authenticity. This is a rigorous thirteen-step procedure that starts from the time the watch arrives at WatchFinder, up until its point for sale. One of our professional master watchmakers verifies the watches for authenticity and inspects every single watch in order to check for damages.

Our watchmakers have professional experience and are thus able to confidently verify the authenticity and access the quality of every watch, whether second-hand or new, that is available in the WatchFinder online shop. The advantages of buying a second-hand watch are quite evident, in comparison to new models, used watches offer exceptional value for money. In addition to this when buying pre-owned watches, you have the opportunity to purchase highly collectible or limited edition models that would not otherwise be available in stores. These watches soar in price and can turn out to be good long term investments. 

Advice when buying a second-hand model

It is WatchFinder’s mission to provide our customers with the best advice and experience possible when buying a pre-owned watch. Our professional team will help you find the watch you desire and propose an offer as soon as possible. Our team is able to discover limited edition, rare, or even watches manufactured in a specific year for you.

Working order and condition are everything with pre-owned watches, so only bother with the best. The more complications a second-hand watch has, the more valuable it is. A complication means any function in addition to telling the time. Complications include displaying the day, date, and month.

How to start buying collectible watches?

When you start a watch collection, remember the first thing to look for is high-status brands which will hold their value. Rolex watches are the most famous luxury watch brand, and Omega watches are another good starting point because they start rather cheaper than brands into which you might move as your tastes and collection development, such as Audemars Piguet watches.

If you decide to buy watches, don't forget that they should be bought from the expert, trusted sellers like, and do your research, reading up on makers and models.  


Watchfinder was founded on the belief that purchasing a beautiful, prestigious timepiece should be more than just a transaction. It should be an experience and a seamless one at that. When Sean Sherzady founded Watchfinder in 1999, he rooted his business on the value that owning a luxury watch represents an appreciation of quality, fashion, and excellence. That’s why he chose to situate his first showroom in the dynamic Yorkville neighborhood, an enclave of Toronto that indulges in upscale charm.



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