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6 Best Luxury Watches for Women

6 Best Luxury Watches for Women

Women's watches used to be distinguished by smaller dials, narrower bands, and jeweled settings. Women are increasingly selecting mechanical watches with feminine features...

Despite the rise of digital gadgets like iPhones, watches have become an essential part of any woman's outfit. Although it may appear that most watch manufacturers were solely focused on men until recently, more brands are producing watches to impress ladies, stressing their distinctiveness and heritage as well as their technical superiority. 


Women's clocks used to be distinguished by smaller dials, narrower bands, and jeweled settings. Women are increasingly selecting mechanical watches with feminine features, such as a lovely dial, in place of gender-defining timepieces. The greatest brands for women vary depending on the timepiece that speaks to you, but here are our top seven.


Blancpain is a well-known brand with a rich history that dates back to 1735 when Jehan-Jacques Blancpain first registered himself as a watchmaker. Since he launched the company nearly 200 years ago, it has remained family-owned, preserving the brand's excellent quality and inventiveness. Blancpain's exceptional attention to detail makes them a favorite among ladies of all walks of life. For women, they have ornate bezels with diamonds or rubies to give glitter.


If you want a more subtle and manly aesthetic, go with the Leman or Villeret lines, or try the Ladybird watches for a playful and whimsical design. The Blancpain Ladybird Womens 0063E-1954-55A has an 18K white gold casing that measures just 21.5mm, making it suited for ladies with petite wrists. The leather bracelet provides a casual touch to the dial's beautiful mother of pearl and diamonds.


Cartier's long heritage elevates each watch to the rank of a status symbol. The company was founded in Paris in 1847, thus each design incorporates over two centuries of expertise. Cartier's women's watches are particularly well-known for their thinner silhouette than the ordinary high-end watch, making them a good choice for women with smaller wrists. 


The everlasting beauty of a Cartier watch for ladies, on the other hand, can be appreciated by anyone. Though metal watches are the most popular, lovely mahogany leather colors and various band colors are still available.


Hublot was created in 1980, but it immediately earned a reputation for precision and is regarded as one of the top Swiss watchmakers. Women's Hublot selections are somewhat restricted, although their Classic Fusion collection has some amazing styles. When compared to other brands, their timepieces are larger and darker in color on average, but this suits full-time working professionals who need to stand out in the boardroom.


The Hublot Classic Fusion 581.NX.7170.LR's beautiful blue tones make it a powerful pick for finishing your pant-suit combo. With a 33mm dial, it's a daring pick. Hublot's designs feature smooth precious metals and jewel tones that provide great depth to your ensembles.


Since 1833, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been creating high-end timepieces. With petite, rectangular shapes like the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Thin Women’s, the brand delivers a distinct flare. With a leather bracelet and a silver dial and a stainless steel case, this 40.1 x 24.4 mm watch strikes a balance between stylish and informal. The Art Deco movement inspired the angular lines of these watch faces, which mirror the industrial environment when the Reverso model was born in 1931.


For a reason, Rolex is the most well-known watch brand. Hans Wilsdorf pioneered more precise watch movements nearly as soon as he founded the company in 1905. Their Datejust line produced the first Rolex for women in 1957 and contains a dependable calendar functionality, making them an aesthetically beautiful and extremely utilitarian alternative.


The Rolex women's watches have the same traditional style as the men's watches, but with a feminine twist, such as a variety of dial hues ranging from pink index to black Roman. Women's Rolex watches, like men's models, are a wise investment that gains in value over time, with second-hand timepieces frequently smashing auction records. These heritage clocks, with their five-point crown, are regarded as the king of luxury watches, and the masculine qualities highlight a woman's elegance.


Omega watches are so precise that NASA used them for the first moon landing; they are used to maintain time at the Olympics and even appear in James Bond flicks. Omega's designs emphasize stainless steel, making them extremely sturdy and a good choice for adventurous women.


The Omega DeVille Prestige New Collection 24.4mm is a functional and attractive watch with a stainless steel bracelet, case, and bezel with a sleek black display. Many of Omega's women's watches are available in both brushed and polished finishes, allowing females to be particular about the features they like.

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