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How to Spot a Fake Breitling Watch?

How to Spot a Fake Breitling Watch?

Breitling watches are very tough to copy due to their exceptional workmanship – but that doesn't mean counterfeiters won't attempt. Are you looking for a Breitling watch?

Breitling originated as a maker of aircraft cockpit equipment and has now evolved into a world-renowned manufacturer of watches for land, sea, and air. They've long been regarded for providing dependable equipment to the aviation and military industries, and their clocks are now popular with the general public.

Breitling has incorporated horological advancements throughout its history of making tools for professionals, from the slide rule calculator bezel to the emergency distress signal transmitter, all with the goal of offering accurate, precise, and visually pleasing watches.

Breitling watches are very tough to copy due to their exceptional workmanship – but that doesn't mean counterfeiters won't attempt. Are you looking for a Breitling watch? Here are some fundamentals to check for to assure you're purchasing a genuine Breitling timepiece.

1. Weight And Finishing

If you can try on the watch before buying it, make sure you like how it feels on your wrist. Breitling watches, particularly those constructed of steel and precious metals, are heavy and bulky on the wrists. Because inferior materials, like plastic, may have been employed, a duplicate may feel considerably lighter.

Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, such as a component of the watch that does not appear to be a seamless part of the design. Check for subtle details that are difficult to replicate: contemporary Breitling watches have an anti-glare coating on the crystal, so a glaring glare might indicate a fake. In addition, authentic Breitling watches feature a blue or purple tint on the crystal.

2. The Logos

Breitling logos come in a variety of styles that are employed in their designs.

Anchor With Wings

The first form is the B anchor, which is flanked by wings and has the Breitling name just below it (as shown above). This is their most well-known logo design, and it may be seen on the top of the dial or near the date window. Most versions also have it etched on the case back.

It contains a few components that counterfeiters frequently fail to duplicate. The first difference is that there is a tiny space between the anchor and the wings - in many fakes, the anchor and the wings are in direct contact. 

The second issue is that there is a gap between the inner and outer borders of the wing. Lines that strike the outside margins are also common in fakes. These are minute features that are difficult to replicate precisely.

"B" Cursive

Heritage series watches have a single "B" in cursive lettering with the Breitling name just below. Because the letter "B" is made of metal and is put to the dial, it should be elevated rather than lying flat or painted on. Meanwhile, the Breitling logo should be inscribed into the dial.

3. Subdials And The Calendar Window

The letters and digits completely fill the day and date displays of the Breitling. For optimal legibility, these characters are big and clearly rendered in black.

Except for annual and perpetual calendar versions, Breitling watches only include chronograph subdials - 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 12-hour counters on smaller displays. If you notice the day of the week or month on these circles, you know it's a forgery.

4. The Pushers And The Crowns

If you already have a favorite model in mind, be sure the watch you're looking at has the same amount of crowns and pushers, and that they're positioned appropriately in relation to the hour markers. Breitling crowns and pushers are manufactured with extreme accuracy, so if the fitment isn't correct or the form is unusual, it's most likely a forgery.

The B-cursive emblem is also carved on the crown of most Breitling watches in a very clear, exact, and centered manner.

Finally, the greatest way to avoid purchasing a fake timepiece is to buy from a trusted vendor. A merchant with a lengthy history, a strong internet presence, and favorable verified reviews can assuage your fears regarding authenticity and purchasing a genuine timepiece.


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