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How To Spot Fake Panerai Watches

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How To Spot Fake Panerai Watches

Looking to learn how to spot fake Panerai Luminor watches? Are you afraid of being fooled by a copy of Panerai?

Then do not even bother, you are in the right place, as our true vs false Panerai Luminor guide will teach you how to easily identify true vs false Panerai Luminor timepieces.

To distinguish fake Panerai Luminor PAM watches, you should check the text on your watch number, as the copy items never have their text in the correct font weight number, while the original Panerai Luminor watches are never with flaws, thanks to their highest quality.

Step 1: Real vs fake Panerai watch dial text

For the first step of the guide on how to distinguish fake Panerai Luminor PAM clocks, we will take a look at the text on the number of fake vs. real Panerai Luminous.

As mentioned earlier, we consider dial's text as the best way to distinguish true vs false Panerai Luminor clocks.

The fake Panerai watch has its text on the dial in the wrong thickness.

Looking at the text "PANERAI SUBMERSIBLE", you can see how the text of the fake watch is very thick and how the original clock has its text thinner.

Then, the same defect applies to the text "AUTOMATIC 300m / 1000ft", which is also very thick in the false clock, while in the original one these inscriptions are thinner.

Step 2: Look at the crown guard on your Panerai Lumnior

As for the second step of the guide on how to spot fake Panerai Luminor PAM watches, we will take a look at the crown guard of real vs. Panerai Luminor.

The crown guard is a very specific part and brand of Panerai watches and actually protects the crown, as its name mentions.

The Panerai fake watch has no crown at all. This of course applies to a much lower quality copy, but you should be careful about that anyway.

Another thing, when inspecting the same area, is the thickness of the crown: in most copy items, the crown is thinner.

Step 3: See the power reserve indicator on your Panerai Luminor watch

As for the third method of how to spot fake Panerai Luminor timepieces, we will look at the energy reserve indicator.

The power reserve indicator actually shows the power left for the automatic mechanism. This is a very useful tool in automatic timepieces and offers Panerai Luminor PAM clocks an additional feature.

In most of the fake Panerai Luminor watches, the power indicator is not doing its job and is frozen. This is an easy indicator to check, in case the indicator is not present in the full area: just remove the crown and try to wind the clock while looking at the power indicator.

If the hand present there moves at the same time as you shake the watch, then you are probably looking at an original clock.

If, however, the hand does not move from a low point to the full point while you are wrapping the watch, you will most likely be holding a copy of the Panerai Luminor PAM watch.

A second option would be for the power reserve indicator to break down, but this should not happen too often.

Step 4: Replica vs Authentic Panerai Luminor crystal

For the fourth method on how to spot fake Panerai Luminor watches, we will look at true vs. fake Panerai Luminor timepieces for their crystals.

And, as always, let’s first look at the true vs false Panerai Luminor watches below, in order to make the verification job easier.

On the profile side, with the clock tilted at an angle, the authentic Luminor Panerai will again have its visible and relatively easy-to-read number, instead of the false clock number that cannot be read.

Looking at the fake Panerai Luminor clock, you can see how its window is covered by these curved lines, which are also known as the "fisheye effect".

Step 5: Inspect the sandwich dial of the Panerai Luminor

Continuing in the fifth step of the guide on how to authenticate Panerai Luminor watches, we will take a look at the fake vs real Panerai Luminor watches for their sandwich dial.

For this step, the "sandwich rotator" is so named because the shape of the Panerai Luminor rotator essentially looks like a sandwich and this makes it easier to keep in mind this step.

It is as if you have a base dial and on top of it you have the main number, visible first when you look at the clock.

In the fake and real image of the Panerai Luminor above, we have highlighted the 12 and 6 o'clock areas where the dial-sandwich is easier to inspect.

In addition to the wrong number pattern on the fake watch, inspect these areas closely and make sure the main rotor looks like it was applied to the top of a lower rotor - or, in other words, make sure the numbers do not apply to the top themselves to dial, neither painted nor glued.

Step 6: Verify the strap and the clasp of the Panerai Luminor watch

Panerai belts are very well known for their high quality. For the sixth way on how to see the true vs fake Panerai Luminor watches, you will need to roll your Laminor PAM into its bracelet and have a close look at the belt and on the clip.

It is a known fact that their belts are also copied in large numbers.

As always, let’s take a look at the fake image of fixed vs. real Panerai Luminor PAM belts, and after that, we’ll make it all clear.

Check that the authentic leather belts provided by Panerai for your Laminor PAM are of the highest quality. The same goes for rubber belts.

So in case anything looks or feels like fish in relation to the belt, it may be the case that it is a replica belt, even if the material used is good.

Step 7: View your Luminous Panerai watch bezel

Leaving the belt aside, we now have to go back to the clock and take a look at the frame of the two true vs false Panerai Luminor timepieces.

Exactly, we will now look at the fake vs real Panerai Luminor PAM items for their elements that are positioned along with the frame.

Moreover, the lines that are present between 12 and 3 o'clock are much thinner in the replica article.

Also, keep a look at the pearls available over the 12 o'clock area. In the original item, the pearl is placed deeper in the ring that surrounds it.

In the copy, the PAM Pearl Luminor Panerai is actually thicker and has the wrong color - again, the dark shade we mentioned above.

Step 8: Authentic vs replica Panerai Luminor case-back carvings

Continuing in the eighth step of the guide on how to tell apart fake Panerai Luminor watches, we will take a look at the real vs. fake Panerai Luminor watches for their engravings on their backbox.

Looking at the true vs false image of Panerai Luminor PAM above, you can see how the Luminor copy watch has its very thin text.

This applies to all inscriptions on the steel of the fake watch, where the letters, numbers, and other characters are very thin, while those on the original watch are thicker. We are currently talking about a higher quality carving, and a deeper one.

This flaw occurs in the Panerai Luminor PAM copy watch because the letters are engraved very little deep inside the material, and on the other hand, the authentic watch has the text inserted deeper inside the material, so it looks thicker than that in the fake article.

Step 9: Inspect the luminous effect of your Panerai Luminor

Going to the ninth and final way of our guide on how to distinguish fake Panerai Luminous watches, we will see true and fake Panerai Luminous for their brilliance.

The luminous effect can be checked after your watch has been charged in direct light for at least 30 seconds, before continuing to look at the number in a dark environment.

This is certainly easier to spot when you also have an original piece near you. However, it is an area to inspect as well, so keep an eye out!

How can I spot fake Panerai Luminor watches in 60 seconds?

The 9 true vs false Panerai Luminor detailed steps described above may not be as practical when you rush or want to buy the item online.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60-second solution to validate your Panerai watch. Below are 9 key indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake or genuine Panerai Luminor watch.

  • Check the text on your watch number, as fake watches usually have their text in the wrong thickness
  • Check the crown guard on your watch, as copying parts usually lack a crown protector
  • Check at the power reserve indicator of your watch. Usually, false clocks have a power reserve indicator that does not work and does not break
  • Check your Luminor crystal, as fake watches tend their window to reflect a lot of light
  • Check the sandwich number of your watch. Usually, fake watches have their numbers badly associated with the watch
  • Check your watch strap and watch, as fake watches use lower quality materials for their skin
  • Verify the frame of your watch. In most cases, replica watches have their own colored bezel in the wrong shade
  • Look at the engravings on the back of the case, as fake watches usually have their characters in the wrong weight of letters
  • Check the glow effect of your Panerai Luminor watch, as fake watches usually have their own colors that shine in a different shade than the original watches


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