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The most famous watches worn by the most famous people

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The most famous watches worn by the most famous people

Many watch brands are more sold than some others. Although they may have better styling and a large surplus of gold and diamond. And one of their main factors is who has worn these brands before. Many famous actresses, footballers and singers are passionate about the watches. And their fans are drawn to this attraction of their idol. But let's look at some of the watches that celebrities have worn over the years.

Paul Newman - Rolex Daytona

We all know Rolex which is a prestigious watch brand. Daytona was launched in 1963 and has become very popular ever since. But with the advertisement made by Paul Newman, she became even more famous watches after his advertisement. He wore it in 1972 until he died in 2008. And yet this watch is one of the best and best-selling watches.

Steve McQueen - Tag Heuer Monaco

One of the other famous watches is Tag Heuer Monaco which after breaking the dress of the famous actor Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans broke records. In fact, the watch at that time was called Heuer Monaco but in 1985 Tag acquired its brand and since then the watch changed its name. Tag did not change anything from that watch and today to this day the time held by Steve McQueen is almost the same.

James Bond - Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster was first launched in 1948. It is one of the first diving watches and gained its greatest popularity around the mid-1950s. This watch has very few competitors and one of them is the Rolex Submariner. But Omega by winning the James Bond franchise has secured first place for its kind. And since then its computers in its kind have remained far away.

John F Kennedy - Cartier Tank

And one of the most worthy watches to be on this list is and it is the Cartier Tank. The design of Cartier Tank was realized during the Second World War by Renaults Tanks. The countless references made to this type of watch also drew the then president John F Kennedy. They made him wear such a watch.

Buzz Aldrin - Omega Speedmaster Professional

Omega Speedmaster Professional is a famous watch for the fact that it was the first watch to travel to the moon. Buzz Aldrin was the Astronaut who held such a watch in 1969. It will be time to be remembered for her trip to the moon. But like today and to this day that kind of watch is a favourite watch and highly demanded in the market. Its design and perfect size make it a unique watch.

Elvis Presley - Omega Constellation

We all know Elvis Presley even though many of us have not lived in his time. And Elvis Presley wore a unique Omega Constellation watch. Its watch construction was a special mix between stainless steel and gold cap. To keep such a watch with such a design and such creativity we can say that you will be a lucky person.

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