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The Most Luxury Watch Used - Hamilton Brand

The Most Luxury Watch Used - Hamilton Brand

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Hamilton Brand has been on the market since 1892, and this watch brand has been at the forefront creating history over the years. Many people thought and maybe still think of Hamilton as being an American watch brand. But this brand as the most luxury watch used was in fact founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the US. Inside a Hamilton, is the slogan “American Spirit, Swiss Precision” and this is why Hamilton watches truly embody the spirit of adventure.  They are designed to keep in mind the mindset of the adventurer – like the diver or the aviator.  

Hamilton Brand is prominent for producing quality timepieces known for their accuracy. This brand started its work by producing pocket watches. And the most luxury watch used was Hamilton Khaki Field watch, the brand made its foray into the world of wristwatches, with the first wristwatch appearing only in 1917. This type of watch was a classily designed, practical military watch to appeal to the military men manning the front lines during the first World War.

But years later the company made some changes in the design of Hamilton Khaki Field Watch. It is available in lots of styles of dial colors and straps even today. You can easily find several different models available online at Watchfinder  ( at heavily marked down prices. The Khaki Field has a simple classic dial with bold hour markers and hands. The hour markers also feature military time, making it a perfect choice for servicemen.

Hamilton Brand and the connection to Hollywood

It obviously is known that all luxury brands are used in Hollywood. But Hamilton Brand has a particular and close connection with Hollywood. These watches made an appearance in Hollywood movies exclusively adding to the character and storyline of the film. With quick research, you find several films in which Hamilton watches are making a distinct statement of class, innovation, ruggedness, and design.

The most luxury watch used 

The big impact around the world, Hamilton watches received in 1957. On this date, they create the world’s first electrical battery-operated timepiece – the Ventura. Deviating from the usual round shape, this watch had a unique design in the shape of a shield giving it a futuristic appearance. The modern-day Ventura still retains its unique shield-shaped design, you can easily find it online.

Of course, you may be curiously related to the Swiss connection.  This relationship started in May 1974, when the Swatch Group purchased the brand. As a result, the company’s manufacturing facilities were shifted to Switzerland in 2003, to fulfill the standards required to make it a truly “Swiss-made” brand. Hamilton watches are both casual and smart timepieces – in the same breath you could also call them futuristic, sporty, and innovative. Along with the Khaki Field and Ventura, Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Thinline is another classic timepiece. If you love the solid, chunky look, the Hamilton Men’s Khaki X-Wind is a pilot watch that delivers added aviator functions in a beautiful package.  

No matter the style or specific details you would like. We have all kinds of Hamilton watches.


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