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The concept of time has long been an essential thing to a man. Remember that from primitive days when our ancestors needed to know when darkness was coming, to modern commerce when business transactions rest on perfect timekeeping, it’s imperative. They give us a complete grasp related to the past, present, and future. But in the late 1400s was the invention of the pocket watch. This was one of the most impact engineering feats ever undertaken by man. Primary mechanical pocket watches were very simple like a spring device.  After that during the 16th century, luxury pocket watches were a male fashion statement that combined status with the practical ability to tell the time.

Maybe several of us can consider the wristwatch as a more practical timekeeping tool, but there can be no denying that pocket watches have begun to enjoy something of a renaissance in recent years. Today are several different styles to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which timepiece to consider.

Here are the different types of pocket watches, how and when to wear them, and the advantages of doing so.

Types of Pocket Watch

  • The first type is full hunter watch

These timepieces have a full outer case, commonly adorned with decorative embellishments.

  • The second one is hunter-case watch

These watches have spring-hinged covers that close to protect the glass and dial. The cases can be engraved, making them perfect gift ideas and very attractive.

  • The third type is open face watch

Open-faced pocket watches don't have a metal cover to protect the watch face. At 12 o’clock is located a winding stem, and a sub-second dial can be found at 6 o’clock. These watches were popular with railroad workers as they enabled them to quickly read the time. 

  • The last one is double-hunter watch

These watches are like Hunter-Case devices, but they have a hinged case at the back that allows the owner to view the mechanical movements of the watch.

Wearing the pocket watch in a traditional manner

A very elegant and classic manner to wear a luxury pocket watch is to carry the watch in the vest pocket. The chain of the watch has to be crossed through a buttonhole, before being drafted into the opposite pocket. Right-handed watch wearers have to keep their pocket watch in their left breast pocket, and vice versa. This allows the wearer to draw their watch while keeping their dominant hand free.

Maintaining a pocket watch

Don't forget that used and older watches commonly run for between 24-28 hours per wind. Maybe the newer one can last up to 48 hours. No matter if you've got a vintage watch or a relatively new luxury pocket watch, your piece of horological history will have likely been produced to be impairment daily. The best practice to get into the habit of winding your watch every morning or evening so that it becomes a staple of your daily routine. This way, you’ll be less likely to forget to wind it.

How to purchase pocket watches?

If you want a luxury pocket watch to complete an eveningwear outfit, it’s worth not forget that in some cases a pre-owned pocket watch can help you to make huge savings. Similar to a car watches usually depreciate after they have left the shop floor. This means that you can pick up a used prestige watch at a fraction of its value. You have to check out what honored dealers of high-quality pocket watches have to offer.

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