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Top 6 most Popular Rolex Watches

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Top 6 most Popular Rolex Watches

Having a Rolex watch is fantastic. The most popular Rolex watches have some things in common. The Rolex is invariably a sleek and elegant watch and is built to last for a long time. We are able to dive into the depths of our favourite Rolex Submariner watch, talk about the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch and discover some of the other best-selling Rolex models on WatchFinder.

Rolex’s Most Popular Watches on Watchfinder:

1.            Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner is one of Rolex's most popular watches, it was first created by diving enthusiasts. This kind of watch has passed all kinds of expectations, that in addition to divers nowadays, it is also used by singers, actresses, models.

The first Rolex Submariner watches were impenetrable from the water to a depth of 330 meters, that was every diver's dream. While nowadays they are able to withstand up to 1000 depths, which is an impossible level for all divers.

The most popular Rolex Submariner models include Submariner No Date, Ceramic Submariner and Green Submariner.

2.            Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Cosmograph Daytona It is a popular watch from 1963 to the present day, it was initially marketed to various drivers and as you may have guessed, it was named in honour of Daytona, Florida, one of the most famous racing and car capitals in the world. Thanks to its special aesthetics Daytona is one of the most popular male Rolex models.

3.            Rolex Yacht-Master

Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II are waterproof. Then I model is quite new, as it was introduced in 1992, however, its special and elegant watch and functionality have made it an instant favourite choice. Yacht-Master is known to all those who just like are produced in a variety of finishes to suit every unique style.

4.            Rolex Datejust

First introduced in 1945, it was the first time a self-winding capability show. The Rolex Datejust is an effective watch that features a cyclopean sealing lens for easier viewing and is available in a range of incredible finishes. Also including a number of stunning colour models, with or without diamonds. It is one of the most popular Rolex women's and men’s models. Reliable, uncomplicated and perfect to wear at any time. Such an hour is able to excite any person.

5.            Rolex Day Date

This type of watch is an extension of Date Just making it a simple watch with more functionalities in itself. Manufactured during 1956, it is able to easily indicate the date and full day of the week. Rolex Day Date comes with a variety of options for you including 950 platinum and 18 ct gold. It is one of the best-selling and most popular watches of all.

6.            Rolex GMT Master

This type of watch was created to be used by airline pilots. It was first introduced in 1954. This type of watch had a screen that allowed pilots to see the clock according to (GTM). While the Rolex GTM master II was released during the 1980s. This type of new model has a look similar to the original, but with changes and improvements. It also features a rotating frame, which allows users to easily calculate a reference third of the time zone. In 2005, Rolex released a 50th Anniversary Edition with some minor technical changes as well as a luxuriously altered look.

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