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What You Need to Know About Rolex Production

What You Need to Know About Rolex Production

The manufacture of Rolex watches is a hot topic in the watch business. Demand for their watches has far surpassed supply. As a result, the market has become unsettled, with pre-owned prices skyrocketing and lengthy waitlists common. Many of us ask why Rolex does not simply improve their production capability. After all, we've grown accustomed to it with practically every other business or industry in our life. The goal is usually to grow alongside your consumer base rather than to limit expansion. As a result, many individuals are confused about Rolex manufacturing, future plans, and what can be done.

How many watches does Rolex make annually?

Although Rolex does not disclose how many watches they produce each year, the most frequently accepted amount is around 1,000,000 per year.


The ability to produce one million watches in a year is a remarkable achievement. The fact that it is hard to find a new Rolex in a case at an authorized dealer demonstrates how popular the brand and their watches are.

Where Are Rolex Watches Made?

Rolex watches are manufactured and assembled in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is traditionally regarded as the heart of the watchmaking industry. The top watchmakers are concentrated there, and you can expect that Rolex has its fair share of skill developing and manufacturing watches.

Rolex's Market Share In The Luxury Watch Industry

Rolex controls 24.9% of the luxury watch market. Omega is the next closest rival, coming in at 8.8%. Rolex dominates the watch business with about a quarter of the overall market share. Even if you can't find a new Rolex watch at an authorized dealer, that doesn't mean they aren't making tons of wonderful watches.

How Many Stainless Steel Daytonas Are Made Each Year?

Stainless steel Daytona watches account for roughly 2.5% of Rolex output. There is no doubt that the stainless steel Daytona is the most popular and difficult Rolex to obtain. We all hope Rolex will create more of these, yet an inflow of these watches would diminish its elite exclusivity.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Rolex Watch?

An average Rolex watch costs between $2,500 and $4,000. Precious metals and complexity will increase the cost of creating a Rolex, but for the most popular stainless steel references, the $2,500 to $4,000 estimate is appropriate for Rolex average prices.


View our Rolex Pricing Guide for the whole pricing list of Rolex watches.

Will Rolex Expand Their Production Capabilities?

Rolex is constantly looking for methods to increase their manufacturing skills. However, this does not always entail the construction of more manufacturing facilities, which many of us would like to see. We've seen Rolex consolidate movements and exploit synergies to make more timepieces within their current production capacities. All of this is meant to allow them to make more of the watches that we have come to adore.

Why hasn't Rolex invested more in production?

Rolex is known for making slower and more methodical decisions. Investing in a new production plant would be a significant step for them. Even in uncertain market conditions, the privately held company already knows that it is the largest luxury watchmaker and that every watch it produces is sure to sell. There is comfort in that, and changing it may create extra concerns.



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