$199* /month


$399* /month


$699* /month


$999* /month




What is required for my membership application to be approved?

Applicants are evaluated based upon your likelihood to treat the watches with the care they require, to regularly return them in a timely manner, and to positively contribute to the community. To this end, before receiving your first watch, all new Members are asked to provide a valid photo ID and to verify your employment.


In what condition are the watches? How are they maintained?

Members will often receive used or preowned watches. Additionally, every watch is mechanically and cosmetically inspected, serviced (as necessary), cleaned, and resized before being sent to the next Member so the watches should always look and feel like new.


Do I choose the watches I will receive for each rotation? Will I know ahead of time what I'm getting?

Yes and yes. Beginning with your Member application, we will build your unique watch profile based upon your identified favorites in our Collection(s). Your profile will also include your general preferences and the watches you may own in your personal collection. A week or more before each upcoming rotation our we will contact you to advise of the watch we have you paired with based upon your profile. The watches are only sent once you’ve confirmed that it’s the watch you want to receive.


How do I receive and return each watch?

The majority of the time, Watchfinder watches are shipped and returned via complimentary, insured overnight shipping. We make it as easy as possible by providing you with all of the shipping materials. You will have the opportunity to pick up your next watch at Watchfinder boutique in Toronto.


What if I don't like the watch once I receive it?

We want you to really enjoy every one of your watch rotations. It’s uncommon, but if you don’t like or find uncomfortable the watch you received we want to know about it ASAP. We’ll help you to immediately return the watch you are dissatisfied with and we will work with you to provide a desired alternative ASAP.


Do your Collections include women’s watches?

Our Collections consist of men’s and women’s watches. Whether male or female, we are pleased to work with you to ensure your watch fits and looks great.


Can I buy a watch from Watchfinder? What is the watch purchase process like?

Yes, of course, we are selling watches on a daily basis. Whether you want to purchase a watch from our Collections or you need help identifying and sourcing a watch we do not carry, our team is excited to work with you to secure the perfect watch at the right price. To begin the process, simply contact us and advise what you’re looking for.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

You may terminate your membership during the term by providing written notice to Watchfinder. Early termination (1) will become effective at the end of the calendar month in which the termination notice is received and (2) will be subject to a cancellation penalty equal to 15% of the annualized Membership Fees (a reasonable estimate of our administrative expenses).